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Learn how to create your own patterns and sew like a professional

What we do at Tregzfashion

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At Tregzfashion, we offer pattern making and sewing lessons to individuals of about all ages and skill levels. We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel as a professional.
Love to make your own clothes, or love to make for others?
Or want to improve your sewing skills and learn how to create your own patterns?
Our very talented pattern making/sewing instructor Eghons, a graduate of ESMOD Fashion Institute (France), with her almost two decades experience (across 3 continents) in pattern making and sewing will walk you through step by step. She will help you learn to create your own patterns and sew ALL kinds of beautiful womenswear and menswear outfits from very basic ones to advanced and stylish garments.

What you will achieve with our courses

#1 Basics of pattern making

Help you understand the fundamentals and principles of pattern making, so you can easily interpret any style and create patterns for them. 

#2 Learn various sewing techniques

Help you to learn how to sew very easily and master the different sewing techniques and finishing for different garments. Thereby improving your sewing skills. 

#3 How to achieve a perfect fit

To design and sew garments that fits your unique body shape.

#4 Make money from your skill

To make money creating patterns and sewing for others.

Who are our unique courses for?


Our course are for all skill levels, (beginners, intermediates and advanced learners). Great for those who are a complete novice to pattern making and sewing. Each courses starts from the basics and builds on previous course to teach you progressively more complicated garments.


Tired of using commercial patterns and wants to learn how to create your own patterns? Then our courses are just perfect course for you. 


Do you already know how to sew, but wants to improve your sewing skills?Or, wants to learn better sewing techniques and tricks to achieving a high end professional outfits? Our courses are great to help you achieve your dreams.


If you just love making and wearing well made tailored garments that fits well, our courses are for you. 

What you get as a Tregzfashion member

For all Tregzfashion members, you enjoy...
  • Work at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, in the world.
  • View classes as many times as needed, pause, rewind and resume.
  • Step-by-step, simple to understand video tutorials

  • Personalized help
 from tutor
  • Join our private facebook group to get additional help, tip/tricks and meet other amazing students.
  • Monthly Q&A online live classes 
  • Personalised feedback and corrections from tutor. 
  • Courses for all skill levels (Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced learners).
As Subscription members, in addition to all above, you get... 
  • New courses every month, forever!!!
  • Start and cancel subscription at anytime, no commitments.
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Join Tregzfashion Subscription Plan

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Frequently asked questions

1. How does it work?

Our classes covers courses for all skill levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced learners). All courses are very detailed and have easy to follow step by step instructions to help you learn to create your own patterns and sew like a professional in no time.
You can make a one time payment for individual courses and have unlimited access for ONE YEAR. Or join our subscription plan for €12 per month ($14 dollars or N8,000 naira) and gain access to all our womenswear courses.
Once you register and pay, you gain immediate access and start learning at your own pace and convenient.  

2. Can I register from my country?

Yes! Absolutely! You can register from anywhere in the world. It's fully an online course. The price may vary slightly depending on the exchange rate when you made payment.

3. How do I make payment?

Payment is made using your debit or credit card on this website.
You can also make a direct bank transfer to my Euro account (via IDEAL) or Naira account.
Pay Naira to GTBank , 0637494325, TREGZ FASHION

4. What if I can't pay in euros ? 

 No worries, our payment gateway accepts all international cards. 

5. How long is the course?

You have unlimited access to individual courses for ONE YEAR. There is no set time duration for the subscription plan. It is a continuous learning as long as you maintain your subscription.You work at your own pace and at your convenience so you can practice what you learn. 

6. Can I use my knowledge in this course to create a small business?

Absolutely yes! I started pattern making and sewing as a hobby, but today, I have grown it into a small business that helps pay my bills.

7. Are the classes downloadable?

No, they are not downloadable. You will have continuous access to all womenswear courses through this website as long as you maintain your subscription.

8. Can I get a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds because our services are virtual. But you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

9. Can I get additional support when I have questions or challenges?

Yes, you will! We have a private sewing community where you can ask questions and get additional tutor support.
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